The All For Guate. Campaign

Through the support of the Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network, the Tatamagouche Centre is accepting tax-deductible donations from the “Todos por Guatemala” (All for Guatemala) campaign. The funds will be transferred to the Peasants Highlands Committee (CCDA), a local grassroots organization with more than thirty years’ experience in the area, which is providing emergency relief to affected rural communities and will continue to provide long-term support as well.

In particular, we are asking that you:

  1. Endorse/sponsor the campaign and publish this appeal in your newsletter or membership publication;
  2. Forward this message to any appropriate email list;
  3. Consider making a donation on behalf of your family, organization or company to the relief effort.

Any contribution of $10.00 and over will be tax deductible.
To obtain more information about how you can join or support the Solidarity Campaign "Todos por Guatemala" please contact one of the following organizations:

Kitchener-Waterloo         Waterloo Region Guatemalan Group
Mayan Project              (519) 578-4293
(519) 576-7409   
Alternativa Latinoamericana           Indigenous Movement
University of Guelph Radio Station    Abya Ayala
CFRU 93.3 FM                          Toronto          (416) 778-4849
Tzijolaj                              Café Justicia & 
Cross-Cultural Communications         Education in Action, Ottawa
Ottawa (613) 422-6232       
Companer@s North South and            Guatemala Community Network,
Guatemalan Working Group of OPIRG,    Toronto
McMaster University - Hamilton        (416) 671-9130
(905) 308-7450
London-Guatemala                      Association des 
Solidarity Committee                  Guatémaltèques du Québec
519) 686-1177                         (514) 261-4755,  (514) 581-3081

Thank you for your help and solidarity in this matter. In solidarity,

All for Guatemala